Blair’s Repair – iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC Laptop Repair

Blair’s Repair is dedicated to the service, repair, and modification of iPads, iPhones, iPods, and both Mac & PC laptops

Bellingham ipad, ipod, iphone, mac and pc repair mr ifixitBlair’s Repair, in Bellingham WA, is dedicated to the service, repair, and modification of ALL iPods, iPhones, iPads, and both Mac and PC Laptops.

Tired of endlessly toggling the hold switch on that iPod to get it to work or frustrated when it freezes mid-song?

Toggle and worry no more. Blair’s Repair, at our new location on 309 Rose Street, provides denizens of Bellingham a faster, affordable, and local alternative to sending their iPods,  iPads and iPhones away to Apple for weeks to get them fixed.



Bellingham iphone, ipod, ipad repair

Fast, Affordable and Local

Blair’s Repair makes it incredibly easy and affordable to get quality iPod, iPhone, iPad and both Mac and PC laptop repair services. The hardworking iFixit team will diagnose your iPod, iPhone, or iPad problems, and get it back to you promptly. From battery replacement, data recovery, screen replacement, to headphone jacks, hard drive replacement, click wheel issues – we can handle any iPod, iPhone, iPad repair!

Give us a call at (360) 820-2818, or fill out a trouble ticket and stop by the store.